Celebrating creativity and work

by member agencies in the experiential marketing industry.

About EXMAN Awards


The EXMAN Awards for Excellence is designed to identify and celebrate outstanding member agencies, individuals and teams in the experiential marketing industry.

Organised by EXMAN, the industry body of forward thinking agencies in the marketing communications industry, these awards will recognise the high standards of quality and integrity that are vital to the success of marketing, as well as rewarding the innovation delivered by the select experiential marketers at the cutting edge of their profession.

The EXMAN Awards for Excellence offer our member agencies and their teams the opportunity to showcase their successes as well as the contribution that they along with their peers within the industry make towards the development of brands in Nigeria through the meaningful experiences that our members provide their clients.

The awards which will be held on the 15th of July 2021, will provide an exciting opportunity for networking and celebrating achievements of various teams in the presence of the cream of the marketing profession in Nigeria.

  • The Awards are open to registered and financially up to date members of EXMAN only.
  • The 2021 Awards will assess works executed between January 2019 and December 2020.
  • There will be a fee of 20,000 Naira for each entry.
The four primary judging criteria are Strategy (30%), Creativity (25%), Execution (25%) and Business Impact (20%)
  • In evaluating Strategy, we would consider relevance and appropriateness, the competitive landscape and activity, and strategic innovation and creativity.
  • In evaluating Creativity, we would consider originality, excellence of tactical execution, quality of art direction and production inputs.
  • In evaluating Execution, judges will consider appropriateness of the campaign or programme mechanics, brand conformity, quality assurance, attention to detail including hygiene standards and safety.
  • In evaluating Business Impact, we will apply logical evaluation against a statement of objectives, as well as considering supporting documentation.
The EXMAN Awards will not be about creativity alone, but also about the strategic direction and overall effectiveness of the campaign. The Awards judging criteria will be about measuring how the campaign:
  • Motivated the target audience to take action (sales).
  • Relevant consumer connection that is engaging and memorable.
  • Differentiated proposition driven by insight and the big idea.
  • There will be a judging panel made up of six respected professionals, non of whom will be a member of the association.
  • The Panel will be headed by a chairman.
  • The judging panel will have full and unhindered rights to evaluate works independent of the associations leadership and members.
  • The panel will decide the initial short list and then the final winners.
  • The decision of the judging panel will be final.