Training & Capacity Building

Training and Registration Format for the ECBAP must be clearly articulated.

The Modified Format must be clearly spelt out on the portal before the end of October 2019.

Identity Cards (with new interface and inscription which absolves the association of any vicarious liability) is to be produced following the modified process and ready by January 2020.

The proposed process review must carry a format that shows the procedure of certification (Aptitude Tests and Qualification Procedure).

The revised process therefore invalidates promoters who were earlier registered on the portal, but are yet to go through any certification process.

Ascertain what the 4,000 annual payment covers, especially from the point of view of Insurance. This change process above should commence in October run till the end of November all in 2019.

Carry out/Organise a VAT Training for Member Agencies.

Several trainings that will impact on the various support departments across agencies are welcome, viz: Finance, Operations, Client Service, Human Resource, Strategy/Creative, Production, etc.

The expectation is to structure Trainings every other month.